Suay Aksoy

ICOM President
She was in the board of Directors of the initiative which brought the title "European Capital of Culture" to Istanbul and later worked as Cultural Heritage and Museums Director with the establishment of Istanbul 2010 AKB Agency. She has been a trustee of the History Foundation since 1996 and a long-time member of the Board of Directors, founding member and founder of the Professional Association of Museums. She is a founding member of KA-DER (Association for Supporting Women Candidates) and Açık Radyo and has took place in the board of members in different time periods.

Dr. Stefano De CARRO*

President of ICCROM
Stefano De Caro was elected the Director-General of ICCROM during the 27th General Assembly in November 2011. His appointment follows a long career as an archaeologist, author, lecturer and teacher in several Italian universities, and former Director-General of Antiquities with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.
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Nezih Başgelen

Archaeologist / President of Archaeology and Art Magazine
In 1978, he started the Archaeology and Art magazine which would be the first popular history magazine in Turkey and managed it for years. Later on, he added ‘Celsus Picture Library’ Project to archives which has the largest history images archive in the country.

Prof. Dr. Fethiye ERBAY

Museology Specialist / Istanbul University Museology Department President
She has been working in museum and history fields since 1987, wrote many articles in the area. She opened her own exhibitions in Germany and United States, in addition to her national shows. During her career, she received many awards and still actively working for various museum associations

Emeritus Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÖZDOĞAN

Archaeologist / Heritage Istanbul Consultant
He worked on many excavations such as Çayönü, Mezraa Teleilat, Yarımburgaz and Aşağı Pınar to examine food producing settlements and their move to Europe in history. In addition, he is specialized in archaeology politics, Istanbul’s cultural heritage management and thinking process of archaeology

Dr. Zahi HAWASS 

Archaeologist, Egyptologist / Former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs
Hawass served as consultant and expert for many documentaries, films, television programs and magazines throughout the years, and also served as Egyptian Minister of Culture. He has been found in many meetings and councils in Egypt and the United States. Zahi Hawass, who received many awards including the Egyptian Presidential Award, was found in hundreds of land excavations, managed some of them himself, and in some cases worked himself in excavations.

Dr. Sinan GENİM

Architect / TAC foundation Chairman of the Board
Over the course of his career, the architect who received more than 6 awards did not only increase his experience in the restoration projects and applications of the structures such as Dolmabahçe Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, Küçüksu Kasrı in the 1960s, also completed architectural education during this period. Later, he served in the Council for the Preservation of Cultural and Natural Assets, was politicized and made a parliamentary membership. Currently, he is the chairman of the Board of Directors of the TAC foundation.

Nicolò Marchetti

Chairman of the Karakamış Excavations / University of Bologna
He is the assistant professor in University of Bologna history department. He is not only an archeologist but an art historian also and he is managing the Karakamış excavations.

Doç. Dr. Mutlu ERBAY

Head of Fine Arts Department of Boğaziçi University
She has numerous international and national articles and books on art politics, art history, art criticism, and she continues her career as an academician.

Dr. Işılay GÜRSU

BIATTR – British Archeology Institute Turkey
Işılay Gürsu works as the cultural heritage management fellow at the British Institute at Ankara and coordinates the Aspendos & Pisidia Region Cultural Heritage Management project since 2013. The project concentrates on the ancient city of Aspendos in Pamphylia and on the Pisidia region in Southwest Turkey.

Doç. Dr. Zeynep ERES

Archaeological site conservation, cultural inventory, documentation and preservation of traditional rural architecture, architectural dimension of modernization in rural areas in Turkey are the main works of her study. She is still working as a lecturer in the Architecture Department of ITU Faculty of Architecture.


Founder of Alfavision
He has a master degree in Electrical Engineering and has been involved with innovative technologies and Virtual Reality for museums since 2001. He is also the founder and chairman of the innovative historical museum in Bruges, Belgium, named Historium.

Coşkun Aral

Executive Editor, Journalist
His images from Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Tchad and the Far-East have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Paris Match, Stern and Epoca, as well as other magazines. He produced the TV news documentary program ‘Haberci’ broadcasted for more than 11 years. Coskun Aral with his team, succeeded in establishing the first documentary channel in Turkey, called Iz Tv. He is now the general coordinator of Iz Tv and continues to produce documentaries


YEKON President
He was the coordinator of many international festivals such as Rock’n’Coke festivals and Eurovision Turkey 2004. He also organised traveling exhibitions such as The Body Worlds, Einstein, Leonardo and Brain in Turkey. Kasapoğlu is currently the president of the Council of Creative Industries and the Association of Turkey Event and Entertainment Sector.

Prof. Dr. Havva İŞKAN

Archeologist, The Head of Patara Excavation
The archaeologist-academician, who has signed numerous books and articles, is also managing the Patara excavations and attending many conferences both in Turkey and abroad. At the same time she worked on many archaeological excavations.

Dr. Halil ONUR

Architect / Chairman of the Istanbul Archeological Site
Since 1981, the International Monuments and Sites Council member has been carrying out various project implementation and technical control studies, mainly with a team of architects, restorers and restorations.

Gülşen Dişli

Master Architect, Directorate General of Foundations
She was graduated from Middle East Technical University and completed her PhD in Restoration Program at Gazi University. She earned her Master’s Degree in Preservation Program at University of Minnesota and in Building Science at METU. She has worked at various departments of Directorate General of Foundations where she reviewed building survey, restoration, reconstruction and reconstitution projects and conducted in-situ observations for in-progress restoration works of a broad range of building types.

Doç. Dr. Ali Kazım ÖZ

Dokuz Eylül University Archaeological Department
He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University with doctorate degrees in Restoration of Architecture. He has an academic title for the Archaeological Department at same university since 2000. His lectures are about the Architecture of Hellenistic Period, Restoration and Conservation Methods, History and Geography of Western Anatolia and Computer Aided Drawings in Archaeology. His primary publication issues are History of Architecture, Excavations and Field Surveys, Cultural Heritage, Archaeological Restoration and Conservation of the Ancient Buildings. He interoperates with experts of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Archaeological Museums, universities and Municipalities.


Architect, Professor of History of Art.
She is an International Senior Expert in Architecture and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, director of works, designer and coordinator of International teams in projects related to restoration, consolidation and valorization of historical and archaeological monuments, buildings and site. She is the founder, CEO and technical director of the company b5srl, which is involved in projects of renovation and preservation of many historical buildings in Italy and abroad, including the Restoration of the façades of Roman Colosseum and the Restoration and valorization of the insula of Casti Amanti in the Archaeological site of Pompeii.

Nilgün OLGUN

Gürsoy Group Executive Board Member
Since her graduation from architectural school, she worked on historical restoration projects, control and applications, responsibilities. Also in the period, she managed to project many artifact’s planning, consultancy and control.

Saadet GÜNER

Friends of Cultural Heritage (FOCUH)
From 2000 to 2005, she activated as free international project designer and coordinator in Turkey for unemployed and destitute persons within the frame work of the Social Risk Mitigation Program of the World Bank. In 2006, she was one of the founder members of the Friends of Cultural Heritage, Istanbul - TURKEY and World Association for the Protection of the Tangible and Intangible Cultural Heritage in Times of Armed Conflict, Rome - ITALY. From 2006, she acts as the President of the Executive Committee of FOCUH.

Dr. Hans v. Seggern

tonwelt GmbH Senior Sales Executive
Hans v. Seggern, was born in Bonn, Germany in 1968, studied at FU Berlin and University of Vienna about German Literature, Philosophy, History between 1990-1997. He completed his doctorate with the scholarship of Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. He has worked for Jewish Museum Berlin as Education Officer for six years. Since 2007 he has been a part of tonwelt GmbH team as Senior Sales Executive.

Prof. Dr. Bilal Söğüt

Pamukkale University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Department of Archeology
He has participated in excavations in both local and international surface surveys in different regions, including Kilikia and Karia regions. In 2008, by the assignment from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, he managed the Stratonikeia Excavation on behalf of Pamukkale University. He is currently conducting research, excavation, conservation and restoration work with a large team in Stratonikeia ancient city and Lagina Hekate Sanctuary. He released more than 100 National and International articles and notices, he wrote 6 books related to his field of study.

Suzan Bayraktaroğlu

Carpet and Rug Art
She worked in the Directorate General of Foundation as the historian of art and specialist of carpet. She took office in the determination, registration and restoration of cultural foundation workings. By wandering around the foundation mosques and masjids in Turkey, she examined all the movable cultural foundation workings including carpets and rugs and classified them. She carried out the processes of storing, inventory and conversion of the ones of which she classified as cultural workings.


Archaeologist / Museum Researcher
She graduated from Dicle University, Department of Archeology and Art History. Since 2004, she has been working as a museum researcher at the Museum of Turkish Construction and Art Works, which continues its activities within the Vakıflar Istanbul 1st Regional Directorate.

Serpil Özçelik

Art Historian
She studied at the Department of Art History at Erzurum Ataturk University, Faculty of Literature and later started to work as an art historian. She continued to work under the Regional Directorate of Istanbul Foundations, Monument and Construction Department Branch Manager and later she was appointed as the Museum Director of the Carpet Museum. She has been working as the Museum Manager at the Carpet Museum Directorate for many years.


He completed his undergraduate studies at the Department of Art History of Trakya University and his master's degree at the Department of Art History of Institute of Social Sciences. In 2005, he was assigned to the Museum Researcher at the Vakıf Hat Sanatları Museum, which is affiliated to the Regional Directorate of Istanbul Foundations (1st Region) in the General Directorate of Foundations. He continues his work as a researcher.

Zafer Gülbahar

Art Historian
He is a graduate of Hacettepe University Art History Department. In 2009, he started to work at Gaziantep Mevlevihanesi Foundation Museum, affiliated to the General Directorate of Foundations, as an art historian. In this process, he worked in Gaziantep Immovable Cultural Assets Inventory Project. In 2014, he started working in the foundation of the General Directorate of Foundations, Department of Culture and Registration. He was also coordinating the Project of Movable Foundation Cultural Assets Management System and the General Directorate of Foundations Teberrükât Packaging Inventory Project.


Museum Manager
Since 1994, Salih Dogan has been an expert in Eastern Languages and Literatures and has been continuing his studies of Museum Management, Culture Management, Museology and Culture & Art successfully while also working on Literature & Art, Travel Writing and Painting. In addition to the active museum management duty; he participated in five important international conferences in the field of museology; has successfully represented Turkey and the institution in national and international platforms. He is continuing his MA in Museum Management at Istanbul University.

Dr. Z. Cihan Özsayıner

Museum Manager, Researcher
After completing his education at Istanbul University, he started to work as a researcher at the Turkish Foundation Museum of Calligraphy Arts, and later became a director at the same museum. He attended many national and international congresses and has been a Science Committee Member and speaker. His articles were published in Antique Decor, Art Decor, Interests, Antiques, Art History Investigations, Foundations Culture and Art Magazines.


Mardin Museum Manager
He started to work as an archaeologist at the General Directorate of Monuments and Museums in 2000 and he was appointed to Mardin Museum in 2008. He graduated from Ankara University, in MA Museum Education in 2013 and he still continues to work as the director of Mardin Museum.

Dr. Zehra Uslu Bülbül

Architect, The General Directorate of Foundations
She completed her undergraduate and graduate education in Architecture Department of Selçuk University and completed her Ph.D. program in Restoration Department of Gazi University Architecture Department. As an architect in Istanbul Vakıflar Regional Directorate, she has been under the restoration and repair supervision of many mosques including Istanbul Üsküdar Selimiye Mosque, Üsküdar Altunizade Mosque and Üsküdar Şemsi Ahmet Paşa Mosque. She is currently continues her career at General Directorate of Foundations.


Restoration Specialist, Master Architect
Esin Serttaş Yaren working at the General Directorate of Foundations since 1992, completed her master's degree in restoration at the Middle East Technical University in 1996. She worked on preservation of many cultural assets such as Syrian Sufi Suleymaniye Complex, Cezayir Dayı Palace New Mosque and UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list places such as Great Mosque and Darüşşifası. Since 2014, Yaren has also been a member of the Regional Committee for the Preservation of Cultural Assets and continues to work for the restoration of cultural assets of domestic and foreign foundations.

Güven İslamoğlu

Journalist, TV Programmer
He entered the profession at TRT Ankara Television in 1990 and started to work at CNN Turk in 1999. He shoot the documentaries such as Ecevit, Kıbrıs, Annan Planı, Ağrı Dağı’na By Pass Tırmanışı, Balina Operasyonu, Kar Güreşi. Between 2004-2011 he made the TV programmes “Her (Evde) Yerde Bir Haber Var” and “Alternatif Rota”. In 2011 he started make the TV programmes “Yeşil Doğa” and “Seyirci Kalmayın” to draw attention to the growing problem of enviromental issues.

Özgen Acar

He made researches and studies on preservation of historical and cultural heritage of Turkey and bringing back of the monumet abducteed. “Karun Treasure ” and “Elmalı Treasure” are the most important of his works. He joined the meetings of UNIDROIT held in Rome which is an international meeting about the conservation of historical, cultural and religious heritage, with the Turkish committee as the consultant of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism gave him plaque of appreciation four times. His articles and interviews were published on many magazines and newspapers such as Antik ve Dekor, American Archaeology and Italian Archeo.


Engineer Msc, Architect
He took undergraduate education at Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Then he completed master degree at Istanbul Technical University Institute of Science and Technology – Structural Engineering and PhD degree at the area of restoration. He has been working for Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University as academician in Faculty of Architecture and Design since 2011. He is the director of Protection, Implementation and Research Center of Foundation Cultural Property which is in the body of University. He is also a membership of ICOMOS Turkey National Committee.

Dr. Mehmet Şimşek Deniz

Associate Professor at S. Zaim University, Faculty of Architecture
He completed his undergraduate studies at the department of Architecture of Trakya University. His master’s degree at Marmara University, Islamic Arts and PhD degree at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, Restoration department. He also carried on several tasks at Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality: Urban Planning Director, Transportation Planning Director, Head of Planning Urban and KUDEB (Protection Application and Audit Directorate).

Yrd. Doç. Dr. Alidost Ertuğrul

Associate Professor at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakıf University, Faculty of Architecture and Design
He completed undergraduate education at Yıldız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. His graduate research was about “Mimar Sinan’s Existing Turkish Baths in Istanbul, Istanbul Technical University. He completed his doctorate with the thesis of “Uskudar and Protection Problems in Istanbul Urban Transformation”. He participated a great number of projects and application studies both in public and private sector. City History, Urban Protection, Traditional Production Techniques and Equipment are the field of interest.

Aslı Öymen

She started her journalism career in 1983 in Günaydın Newspaper. Then she worked as a reporter and producer of TRT's "Dünyaya Bakış" and Kanal D on "Pazar 11" news programs. In 1993, she started working for the show called ‘’32. Gün’’ with Mehmet Ali Birand, and she produced many television programs and documentaries that shed light on Turkey's past. Later, she prepared commercial films, documentaries and television programs. Later on she gave communication and consultancy services and took key duties in international organizations. She joined CNN TÜRK family as a Program Coordinator in 2006 and she has been preparing and presenting the culture and art program called ‘’Afiş’’

Sunay Akın

Poet, Founder of Istanbul Toy Museum
After graduating from Istanbul University Physiography/Geomorphology, Akın, poet and writer, published his poems with name of ‘Makiler’ in 1989. It followed by the other books such as ‘Antik Acılar’, ‘Kaza Süsü’, ’62 Tavşanı’ and ‘Çorap Kaçığı’. He stepped in the topics for prose as a poet can do. Akın has also works written as trial. As a first museum founded by a poet, Istanbul Toy Museum accepting its visitors since 2005 became the first toy museum that goes on to the finals for the award of European Museums Forum given since 1977. It is also pointed as the most important example in its field by the European Museum Academy in 2012. Akın is also founder of Düştepe Game Museum, Antalya Toy Museum, Gaziantep Toy Museum and Barış Manço Museum.

Gizem Gültekin Várkonyi

Qulto International, Hungary
After she got BA degree from Hacettepe University, Department of Information Management, she worked as Culture and Tourism Expert Assistant in Turkey for a while. Then she moved to Hungary and got MA degree from University of Szeged, Faculty of Law. Currently, she is a PhD student there. Besides, she has been working as a Country Manager at Qulto International which offers software solutions for cultural institutions such as libraries, museums, archives etc. She is interested in Museum Information Management field and wishes to carry her experiences that she gained from museum projects in Europe to Turkey.

Prof. Dr. Nevzat Çevik

Archeologist, Museologist and Writer
He wrote 8 books and more than 250 book chapters, articles, notices and gave more than 150 lectures. Çevik was founder the president in many projects such as Bey Dağları Surface Exploration and Rhodiapolis Excavation. He is currently working at Archeology Department of Akdeniz University, managing Department of Museology which is also founded by Çevik, and carrying on Myra and Andriake Excavation as the founder president, and consulting Lyrboton Kome excavation. He was the curator and consultant for many exhibitions and museums.

Nesli Gül

Research Assistant, Yıldız Teknik University, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Art Management
Gül is a PhD candidate at the Yildiz Technical University in Art and Design Department, where she studies in Contemporary Art Institutions and Actors’ Memory and Archives. She worked at many cultural and artistic institutions such as Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, BM Suma Contemporart Art Center and RH+ Art Magazine and SALT (Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center). She has been continuing her academic works as a research assistant in the field of Art Management Department at the YTU since 2012. She has been a curator of several exhibitions since her graduate education period and has been a researcher in scientific research projects. She has various articles on art museums, exhibition methods and techniques, contemporary art and public art.

Wolter Braamhorst

Communication Advisor of Europa Nostra
Braamhorst is a broadcaster, documentary director and communication advisor. Originally trained as a cultural historian, he started working for the Dutch national broadcaster AVRO in 1989, first as a radio journalist and interviewer, later as television producer, commissioning editor and manager. In 2007 he started his own company TVCulture which focusses on cultural projects and strategic consultancy, mostly for the not-for-profit sector. In that capacity he has served as communication advisor to European heritage organisation Europa Nostra since 2008.

Ali Sarıalioğlu

Director of Samsun General Directorate of Relievo and Monuments
He worked as reporter and controller in the restoration process of the historical buildings at Samsun Cultural Heritage Conservation District Board and Samsun Directorate of Surveying and Monuments in the Central Black Sea Region. The restoration work carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the cities of Ordu, Amasya, Sinop and Samsun. Those works consider Ondokuz Mayıs University, Main Department of Civil Engineering in the scope of his doctorate. He still works at Directorate of Surveying and Monuments of Samsun.


Director of Topkapı Palace Museum
Ayse Erdogdu had her bachelor's and master's degree in Classical Archaeology. She worked at Ankara University, Tekirdag Museum and Diyarbakir Museum between 1986-1996. During her duty at Topkapi Palace Museum, which started in 1996, she specialized on Chinese and Japanese Porcelains. Erdogdu published several articles and also presented papers in national and international conferences on the topic. Besides the other museum duties, she has led curatorial activities of many exhibitions and preparation works of several symposiums and conferences both at Topkapı Palace Museum and abroad museums. Erdogdu is currently the director of Topkapı Palace Museum.

Seracettin ŞAHİN

Director of Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
He graduated from Faculty of Languages, History and Geography, Department of Ancient Languages and Cultures. Firstly assigned to the mission at Van Museum in 1985. He was assigned as Museum Director in 1989 – 1990 at Amasra, in 1990 – 1997 at Nevşehir, in 1997 at Istanbul Archaeological Museums, in 1997 – 2003 at Afyon and in 2003 at Ayasofya Museum. Since 2003, he has been serving as Museum Director at Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. He has published many books and papers. Many important international and national temporary exhibitions and archaeological excavations have been held under his supervision.

M. Murat BOZCU

Deputy Director, Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts
Graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Art History. Also graduated from the same university’s Turkish-Islamic arts master programme. Firstly assigned to mission at Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2007. His expertise thesis for his mission entitled as “The Turkish Architecture in the Province of Burdur” was published with same title in 2013. He was assigned to mission at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts in 2010 and has been serving as Deputy Director (Acting) since October 2016.


Fırat BUZLU was born in 1983 in İstanbul. He graduated from University of İstanbul, Department of Restoration and Conservation of Movable Cultural Property in 2009. Between 2009-2012, he worked in his own company which is on the field of restoration and conservation. He works as a restorator in Directorate of Central and Regional Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation in Istanbul since 2013.

Handan KISIR

She has graduated from Erciyes University, Department of Architecture in 1999. She is still doing her post-graduate studies at Istanbul Technical University, Restoration Msc. Programme. In 2007, she is appointed to Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Between 2007 – 2012, she worked as an auditor at project implementations for the protection of cultural assets in regions Kayseri, Sivas, Tokat, Yozgat, Kırşehir, Malatya, Nevşehir. Since 2012, she is working at Directorate of Surveying and Monuments in Antalya. She is serving as an auditor at project implementations for the protection of cultural assets in cities Antalya, Burdur, Isparta.


Conservator / Restorer
He is a graduate of İstanbul University, Department of Conservation and Restoration of Portable Cultural Assets. He has been working as a conservator / restorer in many excavations (Sagalassos, Hierapolis, İasos, Gözlükule Höyüğü) and private sector projects (Yenikapi Byzantine Wrecks, Hattuşaş Yazılıkaya Temple, Alanya Shipyard, Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia). In 2011, he started to refer to Istanbul Restoration and Conservation Directorate of Central and Regional Laboratories. He has worked in many regions of Turkey and is currently working as a staff member of the Ministry of Culture.

Özlem Toprak Cihan

Conservator / Restorer
She was graduated from Restoration Program in Zonguldak Karaelmas University with associate degree, Restoration and Conservation Department of Movable Cultural Heritage in Istanbul University with bachelor degree and Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of Kadir Has University with Master degree, respectively. She has worked as a conservator-restorer in the excavations of Perge Antique city between 2001-2011 and in Dolmabahçe Palace between 2008-2010. She has been working as a conservator and restorer of easel painting and wall painting in Istanbul Central and Regional Laboratory of Restoration and Conservation.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa S. Küçükaşcı

President of the Topkapi Palace Museum.
Prof. Dr. Mustafa S. Küçükaşcı was born in 1964 in Konya. He is a Professor in the Department of History at Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Marmara University, and President of the Topkapi Palace Museum. Besides medieval history and culture, he has been studying and has published many articles and books on Istanbul history and culture, Topkapi Palace and families of Konya of the last two centuries. Dr. Küçükaşcı, who speaks English and Arabic, currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Faculty of Arts and Sciences and Institute of Turkic Studies at Marmara University.

Şirin KAYA

Conservator / Restorer
Şirin KAYA was born in 1981. She completed associate degree program in Ege Univercity Bergama MYO Restoration and Conservation Department. She graduated from Restoration and Conservation of Movable Cultural Properly of Istanbul Univercity and she continues her education as a post graduate student at the same department. She took key roles as a conservator in various archeological excavation betwen 2000-2010. She has been working as a conservator in Directorate of Central and Regional Laboratory for Restoration and Conservation since July 2013.

Ufuk Soysal

Conservator / Restorer
Ufuk Soysal completed his BA in 2010 at İstanbul University Conservation and Restoration Department. Currently he works as a conservator and restorator at Turkish Republic Culture and Tourism Ministry, İstanbul Restoration and Conservation Centre Labratory.